Oska Murano Ru44


4-part brush consisting of a head, ferrule, ring and handle.

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Oska Murano Ru44


Advanced fibre from the latest generation synthetic yarns. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. Silky touch with shape memory.


Patent protected assembly system and design protected. Gold plated chassis with engraved Oska Murano brand name.


Gold plated Oska Murano ring with crystals.


Patent protected assembly system and design protected. Gold plated handle.

Packaging, options and upgrades:

The ferrule and handle options are as follows but can also be upgraded.


The brush comes in a branded Oska Murano box, but can be upgraded to either a velvet-satin case or ostrich-satin leather case, and/or ostrich leather/suede roll.


The upgrades come in the form of the Masterpiece Status. This is where ferrule, handle and ring can be upgraded with 18ct or 24ct gold.

Private commissions:

Private commissions are available if you wish to create your own style. This is to be discussed with the ambassador and is subject to a surplus.

Warranty and guarantees:

All Oska Murano products are guaranteed for 1 year against fabrication defects. Oska Murano guarantees that it will always be able to repair or replaced any damaged or lost brush.